‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Arrested For Cyber-Stalking

Jenelle Mugshot 3/12
(Credit: Starcasm.net)
Jenelle Mugshot 3/12
(Credit: Starcasm.net)

Teen mom Jenelle Evans isn’t even old enough to legally drink and she’s already been arrested three times this year. After back-and-forth claims of cyber stalking, Evans wound up behind bars on Monday.

According to US Weekly, a warrant was issued for the MTV reality starlet on Friday in North Carolina Friday, confirms Evans’ attorney Dustin Sullivan. The “Teen Mom 2” star turned herself in to authorities Monday voluntarily, after she had finished taping a reunion show in New York.

Evans’ was accused of cyber stalking by her former boss, James Duffy. According to Evans’ attorney, it’s also “the very same charge” she has against him. The two cyber-stalked victims will appear in court on March 23.

“This is a self-initiated warrant, or a citizen’s arrest, and it is easy to get under North Carolina law,” a source told The Hollywood Gossip. “A person can obtain a warrant without having any evidence or police documentation.”

Jenelle originally accused Duffy of cyber-stalking after he posted party pictures of the teen mom, along with her address and phone number.

The first time Jenelle was arrested this year was for making harassing and threatening phone calls to her ex-roommate and former boss.

Not even a week later Jenelle was arrested again for violating a domestic violence restraining order, as reported by The Hollywood Gossip.

For the third time in 2012 Jenelle was arrested, but her attorney claims the charges are purely motivated by spite.

“These are the first allegations by Duffy against her, and these charges are completely retaliatory in nature,” Evans’ lawyer explained to Us Weekly.

Since cyber-stalking is a form of a harassment claim, generally a victim must show strong evidence of harassment via the Internet, email, text messages, or other kinds of electronic communication.

If Evans were convicted of cyberstalking to could face another restraining order, probation, and even criminal penalties, which isn’t likely.

Jenelle can’t seem to catch a break, what do you think about the latest allegations against her.