Lego Spaceship Launched Into Space (Video)

Picture 2

Picture 2

Never thought you would see a Lego spaceship make it into space did you?

Recently, Raul Oaida, from Romania, paid tribute to the end of the space shuttle era by launching a Lego spacecraft into space.

The amazing flight was captured on camera and went viral March 2. Since being posted, the clip has spread like wildfire with over 50,000 views.

The video shows the spacecraft soaring through the clouds over Earth.

The ship (Lego Space Shuttle model 3367) launched from Germany (he and his father traveled to Germany to launch the balloon, since that country’s regulations on this sort of project are more relaxed than those in Romania, reported PCWorld.com) on December 31 and reportedly made its way up to 114,800 feet.

“We launched it on the 31st of December 2011, the equipment was recovered via GPS tracking 240 km S-E from a remote area,” reads the video’s caption.

A weather balloon filled with helium was used to carry the craft up. “A 1600g meteo balloon filled with helium was used alongside a GoPro Hero, Spot GPS,” reads the video’s caption.

Back in January, two Canadian teenagers launched another Lego into space, this time a Lego man.

The two teens attached a LEGO passenger carrying a Canadian flag, four cameras packed in mitten-warmers and a styrofoam box to keep them from freezing, a cell phone with a GPS app, quive reducing ropes and a homemade nylon parachute to an $85 professional weather balloon.

The Lego man made his way up to 85,000 feet, but the balloon burst. A video of the flight went viral in which the Lego man is seen holding a Canadian flag while soaring through the clouds.

Check it out.