Cee Lo Green Curses And Give Finger At Obama Fundraiser (Video)

Cee Lo Green
(Credit: Reuters / Eddie Keogh)

Oh my goodness, what made Cee Lo Green think it would be a good idea to curse and flip the bird while performing at a fundraiser for the president?

Let’s be real here, President Obama may be the “hippest” US president to date, but that doesn’t mean it is acceptable to use foul language while putting on a show for the Commander in Chief. What were you thinking Cee Lo? You may have been one of Obama’s favorite singers, but he’s probably going to have to hire Tony Bennett for his next fundraiser after your little stunt.

Okay, it’s not like Cee Lo just came out of nowhere cursing and making inappropriate gestures. He chose to sing the explicit lyrics to his hit song “Forget You” during his performance at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta Georgia Friday night and he probably figured after replacing forget with “fu-k,” why not throw in the middle finger for good measure?

He quickly realized that he may have not been using his best discretion when using “fu-k” instead of forget and asked in the middle of the song, “”Can I curse in here?” Considerate, right? At least after that he switched it over to the radio friendly “Forget You.”

For the $500-ticket event at the Tyler Perry Studios ticket holders listened to Cee Lo sing “Fool For You,” “Crazy” and “It’s Alright.”

As stated by ABC News, Press Secretary Jay Carney, for the White House, did not did not say anything negative about Cee Lo Green when he was on a radio show. Instead Carney revealed to reporters that President Obama is “a fan” of Cee Lo Green and probably has some of his songs on his iPod.

“I think he might,” Carney said of listening to Cee Lo’s music. “I know he’s a fan.”

Check out the vid to watch Cee Lo slip the F-word into his performance.