Katherine Jenkins Hurts Back in Semi-Finals [Video]

Katherine and Mark
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(Credit: YouTube)

One of Dancing With The Stars favorites, Katherine Jenkins, was injured in Monday night’s performance.

Her dance started off fantastic: she was confident, shaking her “naughty bits,” and keeping up with pro dance partner Mark Ballas. At one point, Jenkins hurt her back when Ballas danced over her body. Unfortunately for Jenkins, the injury caused her to struggle toward the end of the dance.

As soon as the dance was over and the music stopped playing, viewers could hear Ballas constantly reassuring his partner, “I got you, I got you.” He continued, “You alright? I got you.”

At first, no one was quite sure what had happened to Jenkins until she said to the host, “I’m okay, I’ll be alright. I’m sorry.”

After Jenkins made it clear that she was fit enough to continue with the show the judges relayed their comments.

Carri Ann Inaba was first up, “We all saw that was just fantastic.” She continued, “It’s like you hung out with Beyonce over the weekend and you totally just let loose and you pushed your boundaries, I know that’s now comfortable for you. I’m so bummed about the end but you are a true winner.”

Len agreed with Carri Ann’s positive comments, “Well as you danced Katherine I wrote ‘Katherine The Great,’ the world’s wonder women. You absolutely came out and gave that 100 percent.”

“You came out an unleashed the harlot-handle with extreme care because it bites.” Bruno Tonioli added, “Don’t worry about the end because it was absolutely wonderful.”

“I’m so sorry if I’ve let you down Mark,” Katherine apologized to her partner when she got off stage.

And though she hurt her back, Katherine and Mark were still able to get straight nines from the judges.

Do you think Katherine’s back injury will hurt her chances on to making it through to the finals?