69-year-old Twin Sister Prostitutes: The Fokkens Prostitute Twins

The Fokken Twins
(Credit: The Frisky)
(Credit: FilmForum.org)

Yeah, you read it right: these 69-year-old twins are prostitutes, according to The Frisky.

Hey, at least they still got it. Makes you wonder if their last name had anything to do with their career path though.

The identical twin sisters Louise and Martine Fokken have reportedly been working in Amsterdam’s Red Light District for more than 50 years. When they first started out they were controlled by pimps, but eventually they became independent contractors who were able to start up and run their own brothel.

Not bad, right? It gets better. They also played an instrumental part in creating the first independent union for prostitutes.

The following is just quotes from the trailer for a full-length documentary about the twins.

“I can’t tell you how many tricks we’ve had, countless,” one of the twins admits.

“We hardly really fucked unless they paid us well,” she said. “My twin sister is still working in her old age. She needs the money. You can’t live off a state pension. I stopped two years ago. I couldn’t carry on, it was too much. Everything has changed.”

The other twin in shown dressed in a black pleather get up. She says to her client, “I’m almost there, did you hear me?”

“Yes, mistress,” a man answers to which she responds, “Good boy.”

Next the trailer cuts to the 69-year-old twins in a sex shop. “This one vibrates and it’s nice.”

“This vibrates even better. You can hold it against the penis.”

But it isn’t all fun and games. One of the twins seems to regret her choice to be a prostitute.

“You did the work, you’ve been a whore,” she said. “You’ll never get rid of that name. They’ll always call you names, so be one.”

It ends with the twins playfully dancing outside of their home in Amsterdam.

If the trailer is this hilarious we can only imagine what the documentary is going to be like. Take a look at the trailer below.