Gifts For 2012 Graduates Of All Ages


The time has come for all those graduating in 2012 to put on their cap and gown, grab their diploma and head off to the next level of schooling. While it’s an exciting time for them, it’s also a confusing one for gift-bearing parents, relatives and friends who are stumped when it comes to purchasing a present for the graduate.

What should I spend? What is an appropriate gift? Where will I find something for a graduate? They’re all legitimate questions a gift-giver ponders while nearing graduation season but lucky for you, you won’t have to ponder any longer as the Long Island Press has put together a graduation gift guide.

Elementary School Graduation Gifts


I Can Be Anything! By Jerri Spinelli and Jimmy Liao ($12.74, barnesandnoble.com) is the perfect present for a little graduate that reminds them they can be anything they want to be. It provides precious rhymes accompanied by vibrant illustrations, all about life’s possibilities.

faoThe Gold Vermeil Bangle ($79.99,  FAO.com) is another great gift for a graduate. It was designed by Sarah Chloe Jewelry and is engraved on the front “XOXO” in block font.


Kids Samsung Interception Android Smartphone ($99.99, Kajeet.com) is a very practical gift this year, which features Kajeet Smart Blocker technology that allows parents to determine what websites can be accessed or blocked. The phone also allows you to control what hours the phone is used, what numbers can be called and received and also gives you access to a GPS locator in case of an emergency.


Middle School Graduation Gifts


PlayStation Vita – WiFi ($249.99, Amazon.com) is the perfect gift for a gaming graduate. It comes as Sony’s PlayStation Portable hardware series with updated features.


I’m A Shareholder Kit: The Basics About Stocks – For Kids/Teens ($17, GivaAshare.com) is a great way for a graduate to get their feet wet in money management. It comes as the only kids book and kit to be coupled with owning stock, according to the website. The kit teaches all the basics of owning stock and even includes a coupon for $10 off their 1st share of stock, whether it’s a single share of stock from GiveAshare.com


Freestyle Kampus Mid Watch ($65, bungersurf.com) is the perfect present to keep new high schoolers on time to class. The watch comes in an array of cool colors including blue, purple, black and army green and features night vision with backlighting.


High School Graduation Gifts

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The Healthy College Cookbook ($9.70, Amazon.com) is a must have for college-bound kids. According to the website, the cookbook has just been been revised, expanded and enlivened for a new generation of students with over 100 new recipes that only require a few easy-to-find ingredients.

college map key1

College Map Keychain ($28.00 Etsy.com/listing/95030144) is a unique gift and one that will definitely be appreciated. The keychain features a vintage atlas of a specific university and was created by designer, Sherry Truitt.


Scratch Map ($24, Uncommongoods.com) is a great way for a college student to track his or her spring breaks, semesters abroad or family vacations through the years and not to mention, it looks awesome on a dorm room wall. Scratching off the areas the owner has visited, reveals vibrant colors.


College Graduation Gifts


Tiffany & Co. Cap and Tassel Charm and Chain ($175 for charm, $50 for chain, Tiffany.com) is the perfect gift for a glamorous graduate. The sterling silver chain hosts a graduation cap and tassel and is a great way for a graduate to show off her amazing achievement!


Jets Tapered Crystal Paperweight with Game Used Turf ($49.99, barnesandnoble.com) is a great desk accessory for a working man or woman. The laser engraved New York Jets logo can be found on the inside and comes with a coin holder filled with actual turf from the final season at the Meadowlands, according to the website.

NAIAS Toyota Prius c 035 43104 2524 low

Prius C (starting at $18,950, Toyota.com) is one gift your graduates will be thanking you for, for years to come as gas prices go up and they begin to support themselves. The  hybrid design allows owners to cut their fuel costs in half and still provides the durability of many non-hybrids.