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Being housebound in the winter months naturally compels homeowners to take note of their surroundings and start to wonder: Is this the best there is? Can we do something to improve the looks of this place?

If you find yourself stuck indoors this time of year, you’re not alone. But if you think you can’t do some timely projects without breaking the bank or running out of precious time to make a difference, you’re wrong. You can do a lot if you take a minute to plan ahead.

So, if you need inspiration, just check out the ideas on display at your Alure Home Improvements center.

Here are some ideas for you to consider that run the gamut:

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First, check out your kitchen. You’re probably spending a lot of time there happily over a hot stove, especially if it’s freezing outside. But the recipes we’re talking about here involve doing something for your eyes and your mind, not your taste buds, although good design is a matter of good taste. Thinking big, you might want to contemplate redoing your kitchen. That kind of remodeling project can run from $19,000 on the low-end to more than $100,000 if you’re going top of the line and over the top.

Now you don’t have to consider either extreme if you just want to make some small aesthetic changes that add up to a big difference. To fit your budget, you might just want to replace your drawer or door handles and pulls with matching new ones. Then you might want to repaint your ceiling and walls, because those projects are easy on your piggy bank. Next, see about updating your kitchen lights, especially the ones over your kitchen table, the counters and the stove. Try new cover plates over the electrical outlets, too. Little things can move mountains.

If your budget allows, consider installing a new backsplash for the walls behind the counters and the stove. Ceramic tiles are great for wiping up grease that splatters from cooking. There’s also glazed porcelain tiles and stone mosaics, if you’re so inclined. They can get pricey, so be forewarned. Next up, maybe it’s time to replace the kitchen sink, or at least the plumbing underneath the sink. Now is the time to fix any leaks and get rid of those rusty old drain pipes. Maybe there’s been some mold under the sink that you never knew was there because all that junk was in the way. Get under there and clean it all out on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll be glad you did!

But without a new coat of paint to accompany a new sink, you might not make the big splash you’re anticipating. You may have to think like an interior decorator to get the full effect you’re after. Bring your paint samples home before you dip your brush into an open can of paint. You don’t want to be stuck with the wrong color.

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Sometimes you can change the look of your room just by changing the lighting. And colors change indoors whether the sun is shining or it’s nighttime. Also, the wrong paint color may cast undertones on the surfaces of a room, and that could make your white cabinets seem gray or even shades of green. Experts say that lighter surfaces reflect undertones more readily. So go to the paint store and come back with handfuls of color cards. Then just remember that the time of day matters how the color will play out. The same principle applies to your bedrooms and living rooms, too.

Anything you do to banish those winter grays will make you feel better!

And if you need guidance, don’t forget that your friends at Alure Home Improvements are ready to help!