Horoscopes For The Month of December

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Here are the horoscopes for the month of December!

Horoscopes for December 2023

Aries – Mars moving through your 9th house indicates a desire for new experiences. This could mean a short trip during this period. Impulsive actions and decisions may result in conflicts at work. Poor dietary habits have a negative effect on you.

Taurus – Venus moving through your 7th house could mean that this is a favorable time for dealing with banks or seeking financial support from wealthy people.

Gemini – Use caution in forming business agreements or signing contracts. Don’t overindulge in goodies during this period. Venus and Jupiter is conjunct your natal Sun, so a spending spree may be in order.

Cancer – Sudden romantic attachments can occur, however, they are seldom stable. Uranus is squaring your natal Sun so don’t take anything or anyone seriously at this time.

Leo – You will be working behind the scenes during this transit. Children’s emotional needs are important to you over the next two months.

Virgo – Your self-confidence will result in a desire for power due to the strong influence of Mars conjunct your natal Sun. Just don’t disregard others’ feelings while you’re rising to the top.

Libra – You may be tempted to criticize others during this transit. Remember, no one is perfect. Learn the lessons that Saturn has brought to you over the past two years. What you send out, good or bad, will come back to you eventually.

Scorpio – With Pluto in your 4th house, caution should be used in signing important documents that could have far-reaching consequences. Because of your ability to keep secrets, you will be trusted with confidential information.

Sagittarius – This period brings a critical period for you. A strong Neptune influence brings self-deception which can cause aggressive, inconsiderate behavior due to Mars conjunct your Sun. In addition, relationships may suffer because of financial problems. Take a deep breath and relax.

Capricorn – It’s all about career at this time as you may receive a promotion for your professional achievement and ambition. Since Pluto has been in your sign for quite some time, expect power struggles.

Aquarius – With Uranus in your 3rd house and Saturn moving through your 2nd house, expect new areas of interest to stimulate your intellectual curiosity. Seeking higher education can mean professional advancement.

Pisces – The strong influence of Saturn and Neptune in your sign makes this a good time to go to a remote place to meditate. A spa treatment can be just the remedy for peace and tranquility.