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‘The Walking Dead’ Tiptoes Through the Walkers in Disappointing Mid-Season Finale

How many times can we hear someone say, "We could really make a life here," only to be proven wrong by the onslaught of walkers, cannibals and savages?

What Was Revealed in the Latest Episode of ‘The Walking Dead’...

The debate between “kill or be killed” and “all life is precious” has been the show’s meat and potatoes all along, so to speak, and as we head toward next week’s mid-season finale, the writers’ are gearing up to serve us the main course.

‘Into the Badlands’: Martial Arts Drama with No Punch

Following Sunday night’s zombie apocalypse as depicted by the latest episode of The Walking Dead, AMC presented badass martial arts mayhem with its season premiere...

What Will Altice Buying Cablevision Mean for Long Island News?

The European company also struck a deal to buy Newsday, News12 and amNewYork.

Life Can Never Be Normal for Survivors of The Walking Dead

By Lissa Harris Talking with my friend and fellow The Walking Dead fanatic about the two most recent episodes, titled “Forget” and “Spend,” she mentioned...

‘Better Call Saul’: Major Score With ‘Breaking Bad’ Prequel

The spinoff prequel to Breaking Bad debuts as less the beginning of a story than a foundational layer of a puzzle.

‘The Killing’ Resurrected by Netflix for Final Season

When AMC’s The Killing, a dark and dreary crime series that follows a troubled Seattle detective, first aired in 2011 it received rave reviews from...

Cablevision’s AMC in Talks to Partly Own BBC America

The deal, of which the financial terms are still being negotiated, is intended to cement the premium content providers in a more formidable arrangement, cut overhead costs and let AMC leverage advertising and distribution to their mutual benefit.

It’s a Wonderful Walking Dead: Zombies as Comfort TV

Suddenly, our own lives don’t seem so bad.