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Hofstra University/Long Island Press 2016 High School Journalism Awards Winners &...

The 2016 Hofstra University/Long Island Press High School Journalism Awards Program was unprecedented in its scope and quality of submissions. Hundreds of students, parents, and teachers attended its annual awards gala, where budding journalists were presented with accolades spanning more than 100 categories, including Newspaper of the Year.

Mourners Say Goodbye at Andrea Rebello Funeral

"It's a big question mark why this happened."

Nassau PBA Backs Cop in Hofstra Shooting

“A split second decision will now become second guessed and criticized by those that never went to a police academy."

Hofstra Student Killed by Officer’s Bullet During Robbery

Andrea Rebello was accidentally shot by a police officer during a confrontation with the robber.

Armed Robber in Hofstra Shooting Identified

The man has an extensive criminal history, police said.