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Long Island Medics Help Survivors Beat Breast Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here’s to giving hope for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

Holbrook Woman Takes Breast Cancer Fight On The Road

Instead of giving up after the two-day Avon39 Walk to End Breast Cancer in New York City was nixed last year, Jane Altman of Holbrook set her sights on an even more challenging charitable event: The 60-mile Susan G. Komen 3-Day in Philadelphia.

As More Women With Late-stage Breast Cancer Live Longer, Long Islanders...

Women diagnosed with stage four breast cancer are twice as likely to survive this year, research shows, prompting Long Island survivors to step up much-needed fundraising for research into the incurable disease.

How My Mother’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis Saved My Sister’s Life

Many people hear about cancer on TV but never imagine the disease affecting them or their loved ones. I was the same way until it affected my family, not once, but twice. On March 3, 2012, we found out that my mother Frances was diagnosed with breast cancer. Seventeen months later, my family was devastated again when we learned that my older sister Lauren received the same diagnoses, at 24 years old. Their doctors were shocked to have a back-to-back mother-daughter case, and my sister was the youngest patient they had ever operated on.

Ninth Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Night at Ducks Stadium: Baseball, Mission...

Anyone who’s ever loved the game of baseball knows all too well that the sport is positively good for the soul. On September 9th...