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“While he was a lawmaker he was a lawbreaker."

Oheka Castle owner shot in head, toxic waste dumped in Islip parks, Islanders sold, Ronald Bower freed from prison, among so much more.

The county formed the new agency to crackdown on an influx of illegal cabs.

The client paid the lawmaker’s former firm a total of $2,342,607 for legal services never provided and expenses never incurred, according to the complaint.

Politicians are out in full force, hoping to seal the deal, knowing that turnout will be key in this off-year when the White House is not up for grabs.

Announcement comes two months after an Islip lawmaker under the cloud of a toxic dumping scandal dropped out of a state Senate race.

“I look at my dog Chloe and I just can’t imagine not giving her the room to walk and run when she is outside.”

The GOP-controlled county legislature passed the bill Monday along party lines by a vote of 12-7.

Sources say Legis. Mike Venditto (R-North Massapequa) will be the Republican candidate.

"I'm running because we need more independent problem solvers in Congress."