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OpEd: Do Government and Insurance Companies Really Care About Mental Health?

The course to fix mental health and rising addiction and suicide rates must be threefold.

OpEd: Protect the Medicaid Program for Vulnerable New Yorkers

Taking options away from Medicaid members will undercut efforts to address racial and ethnic disparities in care. It will also undermine New York’s initiatives to expand coverage and keep more individuals insured.

U.S. to Require Private Health Insurance Companies Cover At-home Covid Tests

The U.S. government will require private health insurance companies to reimburse customers for the cost of over-the-counter at-home Covid-19 tests under new measures to combat the pandemic that President Joe Biden will unveil on Thursday, administration officials said.

OpEd: Democrats Should Unite in Support of Medicare Negotiation

One of the most promising policies that Congress is set to include in the reconciliation package is Medicare negotiation, which would finally address the high prices of prescription drugs, says Mary Anne Trasciatti, Director of Labor Studies at Hofstra University.

CVS to Workers: Tell Us Your Weight or Pay $600

"It's none of their business!"