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FEMA's decision will most likely force the county to look elsewhere for the desired funding.

"We have to condition the American people: This is going to go on for a long time. It’s terrible to say but that’s the reality. They’re not going to go away easy.”

Kathleen Rice's chief deputy took over for her boss on the day Kathleen Rice took her congressional seat.

Oheka Castle owner shot in head, toxic waste dumped in Islip parks, Islanders sold, Ronald Bower freed from prison, among so much more.

Orlando Ortiz faces up to 40 years in prison.

Nassau detectives who bought a pound of heroin in Manhasset and Great Neck ago traced it to the source in Mexico.

Oral arguments were heard this week at an appeals court in Brooklyn.

She beat her GOP rival to become the second woman ever to represent Long Island in Congress.

The use of such tactics “stifles” the suspected criminal’s defense by making it difficult to freely discuss the case by phone, the suit alleges.

Prosecutors say complaints from both sides in the case shows their independence.