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NOAA Addresses Beached Whale Response Plans on Long Island

Federal officials conceded during a recent community meeting that they could have done a better job responding to a humpback whale that was euthanized after getting stranded in Moriches Bay last fall.

Community Meeting on Moriches Bay Whale Planned

Federal officials scheduled a community meeting for next month in Farmingville to present the results of their analysis on the humpback whale that was stranded and euthanized in Moriches Bay in November.

Necropsy Performed on Euthanized Moriches Bay Whale

Marine biologists performed a necropsy Monday on a humpback whale in the hopes of learning why it became stranded on a Moriches Bay sandbar last week before it was euthanized, officials said.

Humpback Whale Stranded on Moriches Bay Sandbar Euthanized

A humpback whale was euthanized by marine biologists Wednesday, four days after it got stuck on a sand bar while feeding on fish in Moriches Bay and couldn’t free itself, officials said.

Concern Grows for Humpback Whale Stuck on Moriches Bay Sandbar

The whale is currently “grounded in the middle of the bay, near Hart’s Cove,” the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation said in a statement on Facebook.

Mastic Beach Votes to Dissolve, Making it Third-Shortest-Lived Village in NY

Mastic Beach residents voted Wednesday to dissolve their fledgling village just six years after they voted to incorporate—making it the third shortest-lived village in recent New York State history, records show.

Brookhaven, Nonprofit Seed Moriches Bay With Shellfish, Eelgrass

The goal is to both revive the shellfish industry and naturally cleanse the bay of pollution.

With Brown & Red Tides In Full Bloom, Experts Strategize Solutions

“The best thing that we can do is address the main source of the problem, which is our nitrogen.”