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Cuomo Announces Arts Revival, Broadband Affordability Initiatives in State of the...

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “reconstruction” plan following the Covid-19 pandemic – when it resolves – will put a focus on an arts revival, claiming that it will be critical to keeping the attraction to New York alive.

Cuomo Envisions a Post-Covid-19 Future in 2021 State of the State

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2021 State of the State address, which began the first of four installments on Monday, spoke more to the federal shortfalls that left New York with a $15 billion deficit and a broad vision of the future after Covid-19.

Cuomo Has Great Big Plans For New York But Actions Must...

All his big ideas come with a huge cost.

9 NY Proposals for Long Island in 2015

“What is the State of the State?” Cuomo asked rhetorically before answering his own question: “New York State is back and New York State is leading the way forward.”