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John Oliver Will Unleash Serious Hysterics at NYCB Theatre at Westbury

Journalism? Rebel comedy? Simply Oliver’s own witty charm, good looks and simple observations? All of the above!? Pure magic.

‘The Killing’ Resurrected by Netflix for Final Season

When AMC’s The Killing, a dark and dreary crime series that follows a troubled Seattle detective, first aired in 2011 it received rave reviews from...

Jack is Back, but Tortured Bauer Not on Reunion Tour

Jack Bauer seems as tortured as ever.

Dream Ticket: Meyer and Underwood – Who would be on top?

"Veep's" Selina Meyer would infuse "House of Cards" with a much-needed shot of humor.

Stephen Colbert Tackles Common Core [Video]

"I’ve even heard disturbing rumors that kindergartners are being forced to share."

The Best Shows on BBC that are not Downtown Abbey

By Lissa Harris The BBC has always put together some amazing programming. As the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization, BBC has continuously provided high quality...

‘Girls’ Naked Truth

If I could speak to Lena Dunham, I’d say thank you.