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Want your town to become a DNA protected community?

John Tsunis is also CEO of Long Island Hotels and an attorney at Islandia law firm Tsunis Gasparis Lustig Ring & Kenney.

Officials urge drivers to stay off the roads to make way for plows and emergency crews.

Oheka Castle owner shot in head, toxic waste dumped in Islip parks, Islanders sold, Ronald Bower freed from prison, among so much more.

The county executive will sign the repeal into effect.

Both counties announced their plans Monday, the same day Nassau cut the hours of its speed cameras.

“This acquisition represents a major step in the ultimate protection of the Carmans River.”

The business leaders discussed Deepwater ONE, a proposed wind farm that would be off the coast of Montauk.

He will lead the office despite opposing a plan voters approved to consolidate it with the treasurer's office.

Stellar performances and moving speeches wowed a sold-out crowd.