Mike DeStefano Dead: Mike DeStefano Dies


mike destefanoIn New York, sometimes a little bit of laughter is all we need to make the day go by better.

Unfortunately, New York lost one of the people that had made them laugh the most.

Mike DeStefano, who has risen to fame over the last year with his top-5 performance in “Last Comic Standing” and his very own half-hour special on Comedy Central, passed away from a heart attack yesterday.

DeStefano had been climbing the ranks as a comedian through his intense, personal sets that dealt with issues such as HIV, drug use, and the loss of his wife. He had just finished a string of sold-out shows called “Drugs, Disease and Death: A Comedy.”

There was also a show set for Wednesday at the Barrow Street Theater in NYC called “Mike DeStefano In: A Cherry Tree in the Bronx.”

DeStefano burst onto the scene as an HIV-positive comedian who would crack jokes about serious issues by putting a new spin on them. Along with his jokes about his disease and how he was addicted to heroin when he was younger, he also told jokes about how he coped with his wife’s death.