Search Engines Celebrate Earth Day


GoogleToday is Earth Day, and of course the Internet is also in on the celebration.

Websites like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Aol and Ask.com are honoring the planet in different ways.

Google’s doodle for the day is an interactive image of two pandas, a refreshing waterfall, penguins, trees and clouds passing by in the background.  Clicking on the image sends Google lovers to news about Earth Day.

bingThe top left of the Yahoo! homepage is a short cartoon of two children pumping up the Earth, and then kissing the planet on both sides, after the planet expands like a balloon.

Aol has what looks like a giant bush in the background of its homepage, and the Bing homepage is covered with a bunch of trees, that looks a lot like broccoli.  The search engine asks: “How will you celebrate Earth Day?”  which links people to news coverage of Earth Day, just like Google.

Ask.com has an image of grass covering the Earth with the sky in the background.  The homepage has a question of the day which asks: “How long does it take for a plastic bottle to decompose?”