James Durbin Eliminated from American Idol, Final Three Left


James Durbin April21newsneaWe really didn’t expect this outcome on the American Idol elimination show Thursday night when James Durbin, the guy we thought would take home the win, was sent home for good.

Now it’s down to the final three: Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, all of whom have at least a little bit of country in them, a theme that has been pretty apparent in this season’s contestants.

Ryan Seacrest said more than 72 million votes were cast on Wednesday night, setting a Top Four voting record, and somehow Durbin came up short, and Haley–who no doubt has a good voice, but lacks the stage presence, artistry and overall persona of Durbin–is still here. And Scotty McCreery is still here.

McCreery also has a great voice but is 100 percent country, with little chance he’d ever be a crossover radio artist, which makes his presence in the top three a shocker, since musically one-dimensional contestants tend to not garner the votes needed when it gets to the final weeks of Idol–the probable reason metal rocker Durbin was eliminated, although Durbin did show his crossover potential throughout the competition.

But it isn’t over for Durbin, he’ll be joining the top 10 this summer for an American Idol national tour and will no doubt be approached with a record deal from someone, if he hasn’t been already.

“I did so much stuff that’s never been done on this show before,” Durbin said after his elimination, as tears ran down his face. “In my eyes, in my mind, and what I believe is that I did what I came here to do, and that was to give metal a chance.”

Durbin then sang “Maybe I’m Amazed” one more time, walked through the audience and kissed his fiancee.

Other highlights of Thursday’s elimination show were: Ryan Seacrest falling off the stage as he went to hit a beach ball, performances from Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias and Jordin Sparks, and Steven Tyler debuted the music video for his new solo single “(It) Feels So Good.”

Lady Gaga was the mentor to the final four this week and had some awkward moments with a particularly conservative group of finalists.

McCreery kissed his cross pendant after his Gaga encounter.

“Everybody has their way of giving advice and getting their point across,” Scotty said. ” She just has a very unique way.”

Gaga then walked over to James Durbin and put her hands on his hips to get him to move. Durbin later called the moment “awkward.”

Lauren Alaina was upset over having to sing the word “evil” in her song because she didn’t want people to think she was evil.

Next week the final three will make visits to their hometowns.