Nicolas Cage Settles Lawsuit

Associated Press
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Associated Press

Nicolas Cage has reached a settlement with his ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton that will conclude the lawsuit she filed against Cage. The lawsuit was filed against Cage over his promise to give Fulton the Hollywood home where she raised his son, Weston Cage.

According to CNN, the lawsuit was filed against Cage two years prior. Fulton still resides in the home, yet she faces eviction as Cage allowed the home to go into foreclosure. It was not evident whether or not the lawsuit settlement would allow Fulton to remain at the home.

Over the past two years, Cage has lost several homes due to a huge federal tax debt as well as the declining value of his investments.

Weston Cage was recently placed on psychiatric hold at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical center for a few days last week. His detainment at the hospital resulted from a violent incident occurring outside a Hollywood restaurant. Weston allegedly attacked his physical trainer after the trainer told him not to eat an item on the menu.

During his stay at the hospital Fulton asked doctors to recommend her 20-year-old son be held for another two weeks.  Fulton claims her son needs psychiatric care but believes the resolution of the lawsuit will allow her to reconnect with her son.

Weston Cage issued a statement through his father’s attorney last week saying he did not want “anything to do with his mother.”

According to TMZ, Weston turned his mother away when she tried to visit him in the hospital. It’s rumored that Weston has had an estranged relationship with his mother for quite some time and at this point as no desire to see her.

Whether or not the home will be given to Fulton in unclear at this time, as is the resolution of her strained relationship with Weston.