Justin Bieber, Chris Brown ‘Next 2 You’ Video

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Teenage pop-star Justin Bieber gives a press conference before his concert as part of his "My World" tour on Tuesday April. 19, 2011 in Singapore.(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

They’ve got it all, singing, dancing, and acting. Chris Brown and Justin Bieber released their new video for “Next 2 You”, a romantic take on the end of the world. The sky is falling and they are dancing around the streets of New York professing their love to that special someone.

The video was leaked on Tuesday and has now been released on Vevo. The action packed video is courtesy of director, Colin Tilley, who was adamant that his video would be epic, explains MTV. Both artists struggle with their relationships in the video as the world falls apart behind them.

Bieber is in agony thinking about his girlfriend who is no longer allowed to see him, and Brown is searching the streets of the falling city for his girlfriend who is lost among the chaos and destruction.

The six minute apocalypse is a remix to Brown’s original song on his album “F.A.M.E” which was released earlier this year. Twirling dance numbers and crumbling buildings join forces to bring the dramatic story to life and has captivated almost 60,000 viewers so far.

The dynamic duo is caught among falling buildings as their stories intermingle when the car holding Beiber’s girlfriend hits Brown’s girlfriend.

Bieber is seen in the video without his current girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Although Brown’s last album “Graffiti” was blackballed by major stores and some retailers refused to sell it due to allegations of domestic abuse Brown came back strong with his new album and has gained back many of the fans he lost, explains People.

Comments posted on the video for “Next 2 You” by his fans express their dedication and recognition of his comeback to the music scene with 270,000 copies of “F.A.M.E.” sold in the first week and the album hitting number 1, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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