Justin Bieber Has Run-In With Undercover Cop

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Teenage pop-star Justin Bieber gives a press conference before his concert as part of his "My World" tour on Tuesday April. 19, 2011 in Singapore.(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

New York is not a safe place for singing teenage heartthrobs like Justin Bieber.

Thursday a mob of fans outside Herald Square at Macy’s in New York City witnessed Bieber getting attacked by a crazed fan according to ABC news. The Bieb had to cancel an event at the Roosevelt Field Mall a year and a half ago due to a mob scene.

It was not a screaming, adoring teenage fan that attacked him but an older man. TMZ reported that the person in question was a cop who approached Bieber when the crowd began getting restless.

The undercover officer frightened Bieber because he was not wearing a uniform and his body guard grabbed the officer thinking he was a security threat.

The singer was in the city to promote his next fragrance, “Someday” when the mob of fans got out of control.  It was reported by ABC that the 17 year old singer was greeting fans outside when a man broke through the metal barricades and tackled Bieber to the ground. He was uninjured.

However, NBC explained that he was not actually attacked but that there was a security issue at the venue and one of his body guards was even issued a summons.

When Bieber was leaving he wanted to spend time with fans and although a secure perimeter was created for him the crowd began getting rowdy and police had to intervene to push back 400 people.

The officer that intervened cited the security team but TMZ explains everything has been sorted out and although Bieber was shaken up he still met with fans for his VIP meet and greet.