Four New Pronghorn Antelope Fawns At Queens Zoo

Picture 5
Two fawns born at Queens Zoo / ( Screenshot)
Picture 5
Two fawns born at Queens Zoo / ( Screenshot)

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Queens Zoo Welcomes Four New Pronghorn Antelope Fawns!

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Queens Zoo announced the birth of four pronghorn antelope fawns born at the zoo earlier this month.

The pronghorn antelope is the lone member of the family Antilocapridae and is the second-fastest land animal in the world-second only to the cheetah. They’re also one of the only true American natives that do not occur anywhere else in the world. Besides being fascinatingly fast, Pronghorns are also amazing travelers. They’re second only to Arctic caribou for long distance migration in the Western Hemisphere.

The four fawns were born to two different mothers only a week apart. One mother delivered two females and the other had a male and a female.

The fawns are already making great progress and starting to run and prance. While the two younger fawns remain in the pronghorn exhibit on the wild side of the zoo, two of the babies can be seen on the zoo’s farm. Visitors can watch as zookeepers bottle-feed a nutrient-rich formula to the young animals throughout the day.

The zoo’s pronghorn herd is now up to eight with the addition of the new fawns.

The pronghorns live alongside the zoo’s bison herd. The zoo’s pronghorns spend their time running through their large, open exhibit space that resembles the North American plains that these animals are native to.

Check out the cute video of the new pronghorns (Video courtesy of WCS & Queens Zoo).