Janitor Wins Lottery, Continues Working

tyrone curry lottery ticket msnbc 293Tyrone Curry won the lottery five years ago, scoring $3.4 million dollars.

Unlike most other winners Curry isn’t quitting his job.

According to AOL, five years after winning the jackpot Curry is still working at his job as a high school janitor.

Curry still resides in the same small home and drives the same older car he had before his winnings. Even more impressive is the fact that he still works every day as a janitor at a Seattle high school. In addition to his job as a janitor he also works as the school track coach.

Instead of splurging on needless items, he uses his winnings to help family and friends. Curry did make one large purchase after winning the money. He spent $40,000 to replace the school’s old cinder track. He is said to want to spend another portion of the winnings to expand the school’s tennis courts.

True to his style of giving to others, Curry has spent little of the money on himself. When he won the money he was actually in the middle of bankruptcy. The only money that Curry spent on himself was used to settle the bankruptcy case, add a new heat pump and vinyl siding to his house, as well as fence and a new driveway.

The small home is shared with his 2-year-old grandson, two stepsons, and two in-laws. The home is crowded but Curry enjoys having his family close together.

Curry’s support for his family and community doesn’t stop there. He is said to be a constant source of support and guidance for students at the high school. One student, DeVante Botello, who is captain of the track team, has formed a tight bond with Curry. When his mother died of a heart attack and left Botello alone, Curry was by his side with guidance and encouragement.

Curry continues to buy lottery tickets every week in hopes that he will be able to help more people. Curry demonstrates having a kind generous heart is truly priceless.