Charlie Sheen Dead?

Charlie Sheen

091227 charlie sheenIt’s the question you’ve probably been hearing all morning, “Is Charlie Sheen dead?” Not exactly.

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What’s true, is that Charlie Harper is facing his doom. Harper was Sheen’s character on CBS show, “Two and a Half Men.” Reports have surfaced claiming that Harper will be killed off, ensuring that Sheen will have no way of wiggling back into the sitcom.

Killing him off may seem a little drastic, after all Sheen did help the show become a hit and stay a hit for eight seasons. For his role, he was even nominated for numerous Emmys, Golden Globes and Screen Actor Guild Awards.

At the moment, the rumors have not been confirmed by CBS but what has been, is that Ashton Kutcher will replace Sheen on the show.

Earlier this year, the world watched as Sheen was “winning,” so much so that he got the boot from CBS. It all started when Sheen ranted on the radio. His outbursts eventually led to CBS canceling the rest of the season of “Two and a Half Men,” and saying sayonara to Sheen.

Later, the actor told CBS, “Everybody thinks I should be begging for my job back and everybody else will be begging me for my job back. That’s how I roll. Defeat is not an option.” He went on to say that CBS, “picked a fight with a warlock,” and that they need to give him a raise and apologize “while licking my feet.”

According to the Washington Post, the death rumors may also involve a little foul play and that the Facebook link to fake stories claiming Charlie Sheen is dead, could actually be a malware scam.