Housewives of New Jersey Recap (Video)

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“It’s Christmas. Let’s all eat, drink, and be f*ckin’ merry,” said Melissa Gorga on last night’s episode of  “Housewives of New Jersey,” and oh how everyone wishes they did just that. But then it wouldn’t be a proper episode of the show now, would it?

Lucky for us, last night was yet another night of “Housewives” drama as the Gorgas threw an over-the-top Christmas party for “Jesus’ birthday,” and “for the kids,” as Melissa said repetitively throughout the episode, as if to make up for the fact that they spent 50k on it.

Melissa and Joe Gorga enlisted the help of party planner, Fabulous Fred, to plan a party that would surely display drama at its finest.

The party was dedicated to “the kids” with presents being donated to charity, but Melissa and her husband spared no expense dedicating their money to decoration in the form of a magnificent ice sculpture and model servers.

Almost as soon as the party starts, the claws come out. Teresa and Kathy got into a tiff when Kathy tried to make amends. Teresa shut her down with an insincere, “It’s really nice to see you” which set Kathy off. Kathy fell into the arms of her man, whose form of comfort is this response: “I’ll burn the whole place down.”

Kathy tries to explain herself today, through her Bravo blog post:

“When Joe and Teresa arrived I immediately wanted to try and put things behind us. It took so much courage for me to approach her again, since she shut me down at the Posche fashion show. I was hoping that maybe she would be receptive,” said Kathy in her Bravo blog post Monday. ” I allowed Teresa’s pettiness to get the best of me. I pride myself on being a person who remains in control under difficult situations. Unfortunately, Teresa’s response blindsided me. Before things got out of hand I chose to walk away, but I immediately became very emotional and then enraged. She’s humiliated me not once, but twice now, and although I completely regret my language, I hope you can understand why I had to let it out.”

No sooner does Kim G. show up to the party– yep, the cast member that’s not a cast member. She brings the drama, and by that we mean she actually brings it in the form of Monica. Monica is Kim G’s friend that Teresa is at war with–Monica’s husband is suing Teresa’s husband–and sends Teresa into a tether upon her arrival. Melissa and Joe have to escort her out before Teresa starts table throwing, again.

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