Lucille Ball: ‘I Love Lucy’ Honored with Google Doodle

Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball Google doodle
Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball Google doodle

Videos, quotes and images of Lucille Ball took over the Internet on Saturday as the world celebrates what would have been the legendary actress’ 100th birthday.

And in a unique way to honor the “I Love Lucy” star Google used a doodle to celebrate the 100th anniversary of her birth.

As thousands have seen throughout the day, Google created a doodle of an antique television set that displays the recognizable heart drawing from the “I Love Lucy” show, as well as classic scenes from the series that started in 1951.

And that’s not all. An arrow appears that tells Google users to hit “Play,” to start the interactive doodle. The doodle also allows people visiting the search engine website to change channels, which then gives fans a classic clip from the show.

The doodle plays seven different clips, and allows people to turn off the volume if they choose.

“I Love Lucy” took viewers into the life of Lucy, who constantly strived to become a star, like her bandleader husband—Ricky Ricardo. Unfortunately for Lucy, she usually found herself in the strangest situations, which provided decades of laughter for her fans.

I Love Lucy
Clip from chocolate conveyor belt scene

The first famous scene Google plays is the chocolate wrapping conveyor belt scene, where Lucy is joined by her good friend Ethel to do a simple job—grab the candy off the conveyor belt, wrap it up, and place it back on the belt. Easy enough.

When the supervisor asks if they understand, Lucy nervously responds, “Yes, sir,” to the woman.

“All right, girls, now this is your last chance,” the plant supervisor tells Lucy and Ethel. “If one piece of candy gets past you and into the packing room unwrapped, you’re fired.”

Lucille Ball died at the age of 77, and what better way to introduce the younger generation of people who don’t know Ball, then by honoring her on the Google homepage.