Lady Gaga ‘You And I’ (Video)

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screenshot from “You And I”
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screenshot from "You And I"

Lady Gaga has proved that she can do it all. The singer goes country in her latest single “You And I.” The single follows her ’80s style single, “Born This Way.”

“It’s been a long time since I came around/ Been a long time but I’m back in town/ This time I’m not leaving without you,” sings Gaga while walking along a Nebraska road to reclaim her love. ” You taste like whiskey when you kiss me, oooh/ I’ll give anything again to be your baby doll/ This time I’m not leaving without you.”

Gaga released the video as her 1000th tweet. She tweeted, “YouAndIVideo: http://t.co/Ag5ZkXn. You must love all + every part of me, as must I, for this complex + incomprehensible force to be true.”

The single comes as her fourth off of “Born This Way.” In the video, Gaga goes on to play piano in a cornfield, become an experiment, dance in a barn sporting blue hair, get married and plays a male character. She also transformed into a mermaid and had us wondering if she collaborated with “True Blood” producers for this one.

According to Billboard, The concept of the video is based of her traveling to Nebraska on foot to get her boyfriend back. And according to NY Daily News, the lyrics were inspired by her on-and-off relationship with New York City bartender Luc Carl.

“It`s been two years since I let you go/ I couldn’t listen to a joke or rock `n roll/ Muscle cars drove a truck right through my heart,” sings Gaga in the new single, “You And I.” Check out the video.