‘Explosions in the Sky’ to Perform on September 11

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An indie band from Austin, Texas named “Explosions in the Sky” is set to premiere on September 11 in Boise, Idaho, and the venue’s manager is insisting that the date of the concert is all a coincidence.

The band will be performing at the Boise Egyptian theatre according to NWCN, and members of the community went along their daily business for weeks without even drawing an ominous connection with the sign on the front of theatre. It wasn’t until the New York media saw the sign, did they realize what it could mean.

A downtown jeweler, Mike Rogers, explains, “I drive by this every morning on my way to work and it’s been up for a week or two and it’s not even occurred to me. I did not make this connection”.

Although the theatre had no intention of promoting a celebratory event on September 11, they maintain that come concert day the band will shine through and their talent will overshadow the negative press.

Tension is beginning to rise and speculation is surrounding the event due to the fact that the date was chosen for any event, especially a concert. It is not only September 11 but also the tenth anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The booking manager, Joy Hart, stated, “It is absolutely a coincidence. It’s very typical that we get big concerts coming through here on Sunday nights”.

Explosions in the Sky” released an album in September of 2001, “Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever,” that had a plane in the sky with an Angel shining a light up at it.

The band formed in 1999 and has no relation to the attacks on September 11, nor did they name themselves after the events. It seems to be merely a coincidence even though there are critics who say the date of the concert should be changed.