“Gonna Get Over You” Sara Bareilles (Video)

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Screenshot from "Gonna Get Over You"

Sara Bareilles just introduced her newest video for her single “Gonna Get Over You.”

“I’ve got a thick tongue/Brimming with the words that go unsung/ Simmer then the burn for a someone/ A wrong one,” sings Bareilles in “Gonna Get Over You. “And I tell myself to let the story end/My heart will rest in someone else’s hand/My ‘why not me?’ philosophy began/And I say.”

Bareilles sports a leather jacket and “Snooki” puff, very “Grease” and takes over a supermarket with her catchy love song. The music video was reportedly directed by Jonah Hill. In the end she gets kicked out of the store.

“Say it’s coming soon/Someday without you/All I can do/Is get me past the ghost of you,” sings Bareilles.”Wave goodbye to me/I won’t say I’m sorry/I’ll be alright/Once I find the other side of someday.”

Earlier this summer, Bareilles was the opening act for the country duo, Sugarland, who was set to perform before high winds brought down the stage at the Indiana State Fair killing five people and injuring an additional 40 people. According to EW, Bareilles issued a statement regarding the incident:

“The accident at the Indiana State Fair felt like a bad dream,” she said. “The weather changed in a matter of minutes and the stage collapsed in a matter of seconds. We are shocked and saddened by this horribly tragic circumstance and we are all praying for those affected. The emergency response was incredibly speedy and the people of Indiana as well as the crews from the show were beyond brave and working hard to help each other. My heart aches for the lives lost or injured as well as their families. We will do whatever we possibly can to help heal the hurt from this very sad day.”

Check out the video.