Report: Third Eye Blind, Jackson Browne, Dawes to Perform at Zuccotti Park

Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blinds tweets that they will visit Zuccotti Park at Noon
Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blinds tweets that they will visit Zuccotti Park at Noon

The sounds of guitars, drums and synchronized clapping coming from the former symbolic home of the Occupy Wall Street protesters either attracted passerbys or infuriated New Yorkers who worked nearby.

Well, Thursday afternoon, those sounds will return, and will most likely be a tad louder than the acoustic guitars that provided entertainment for protesters for weeks.

Rock band Third Eye Blind announced on Wednesday that they were heading to Zuccotti and are expected to perform for the Occupy Wall Street protesters and whoever else wants to fill up the park that was once covered in tents and sleeping bags before protesters were told to abandon their encampment. Jackson Browne and Dawes are also expected to be on hand, according to reports.

“Zuccotti park @ noon,” Third Eye Blind tweeted to its 27,000 plus followers on Twitter. “We’ll see you there.”

The announcement was also posted on the band’s homepage.

Celebrities have visited the site to support protesters at the camp since the “We are the 99 percent” protesters first hit the mainstream, so they are used to impromptu visits.

David Crosby, Kanye West, Russell Simmons, Susan Sarandon, and others descended on the park during the early days of the protest.

A little more than two weeks ago, the New York Police Department raided the park and told protesters to leave Zuccotti or face arrest. Some picked up their stuff and left, while others, who either created a human chain or stood around to voice their displeasure, were arrested by police.

Since that day protesters have been returning to the park during the day to continue to try and spread their message of greed and inequality in America.

Now, they have a new reason to head back.