Mathew Robbins’ To Release ‘Inspired Weddings’ Book


MatthewRobbins98934JF1Mathew Robbins’ is set to release his first book called Inspired Weddings: Designing Your Big Day with Favorite Objects and Family Treasures.

The book will be released this spring, and aims to help brides-to-be plan a spectacular wedding.

It’s safe to say Matthew Robbins, of New York’s Matthew Robbins Design, is Martha Stewart’s right-hand wedding expert—He’s a contributing editor of Martha Stewart Weddings and is a regularly featured guest on both the “Martha Stewart Show” and the “Martha Stewart Living” radio show. With that said, his new book is a must have for brides planning their big day.

Through the book, Robbins divulges all the juicy details on what it takes to create an amazing wedding starting with yourself and what you love.

“The book is an effort to put the spotlight on starting with yourself…what you love, what you collect and what you live with as the initial spark for inspiration,” he says.

“My own inspiration for creating the book came from the desire to offer something that would empower the reader with the drive and ambition to think like a stylist and designer,” says Robbins. “We are bombarded with so many ideas and details everyday, every hour, every minute but most of us don’t know how to edit and pull from that wealth of inspiration.”

Along the way, he will also share insider tips and industry secrets that make the difference when planning the big day from cakes, to plates. The wedding expert will even reportedly share his mantra of choosing a special object around which to base a wedding design.

“We all tend to look outside of ourselves for that creative magic but the truth is most of us have a sense of what we love and are attracted to. You don’t need 500 images of other parties or finished rooms to find ideas. You only need to pull that one special object, image or collectible to fuel a color palette, a style and a visual code for creating an inspired design,” he says.