Lego Man In Space (Video)

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Picture 34You will probably never have to opportunity to launch into space. Luckily, you can experience it through Lego Man In Space, a new viral video.

Lego Man In Space is a new video that went viral on YouTube earlier this week and shows the amazing journey of a LEGO figure being launched thousands of feet in the air.

He is seen holding a Canadian flag while soaring through the clouds.

Lego Man in Space was the project of 17-year-olds Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad.

According to SodaHead.com, the two spend $400 on the project, attaching a LEGO passenger carrying a Canadian flag, four cameras packed in mitten-warmers and a styrofoam box to keep them from freezing, a cell phone with a GPS app, quive reducing ropes and a homemade nylon parachute to an $85 professional weather balloon.

“After endless hours of hard work, we managed to capture stunning views of our atmosphere and put a ‘Lego’ man into near space,” reads the YouTube video’s caption.

Lego man was making his way to 90,000 feet but the balloon burst and at 85,000 feet, Lego Man in Space made his descent. The spacecraft landed about 120 kilometres away from the launch site, where the boys later picked it up.

The boys are working on releasing related videos soon, saying, “Full video of the building process, launch and retrieval are in the works” in the video’s YouTube description. For those interested in finding out more about Lego Man In Space, he even has his own Facebook page now.

The video is proving to be quite popular and has garnered over 1 million views since first being posted. Although many enjoyed Lego Man’s flight into the unknown, one viewer voiced his concerns—Such launches could interfere with aviation safety.

According to TheGlobeAndMail.com, a member of the Air Canada Pilots Association says the biggest concern would be lack of notification to the users of air space as most weather balloons are launched from known sites. If other balloons are sent up it could pose a concern to aviation.

Check out the video.