George Lopez, Taylor Swift Twitter Death Hoax

Taylor Swift performs during a concert, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009 at Madison Square Garden in New York.(AP Photo/Stephen Chernin)

Really, people?

Twitter was once again barraged with tweets about fake celebrity deaths.

The latest victims: Comedian George Lopez and singer Taylor Swift were both featured on “trending topics” with “RIP” before their names.

Some Twitter users believe it, while others understand by now that they can’t believe everything that is said on the popular social network site.

But it does appear like some people get some joy out of killing people on Twitter—a trend that has become all too common in recent years.

Several death hoaxes have hit the web in recent days: Drake was killed by the Internet on Friday, as were Rick Ross and LeBron James.

Eddie Murphy was also rumored to have died, but that hoax was also squashed.

According to TMZ, Murphy is still breathing, and the reports of his demise came from mediafetcher.com, which has also put out stories of other “dead” celebrities in the past, the entertainment website said.

So add Lopez, Swift, Drake, Rick Ross, James and Murphy to the laundry list of celebs that have been rumored to kick the bucket.

Last December, it was Jon Bon Jovi who was killed off by the web.

Other “dead” stars include Jaden Smith, Bill Cosby, Bobby Brown, Jackie Chan and Adam Sandler. Smith was said to have died in a snowboarding incident and Chan supposedly died of a heart attack.