Google Doodle: Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

Valentine's Day Google Doodle
Valentine’s Day Google Doodle (Photo credit: YouTube)
Valentine's Day Google Doodle
Valentine's Day Google Doodle (Photo credit: YouTube)

Google search is good for a lot of things on Valentine’s Day. Restaurant and dating tips, maybe even some things to do to spice things up. But can Google help you win over the heart of the person you love?

Maybe not.

Google decided to celebrate the day of love with a Google doodle that features some cute animation and the legendary voice of Tony Bennett. What more can we ask for on Valentine’s Day?

The doodle is hard to miss. The second a user visits Google’s website they are hit with a video animation that tells a story about a young man who is trying to win over the heart of the girl he loves. We’ve all been there.

He seeks out the help of Google to assist him in his quest to her heart, but nothing works. Apparently, the search engine giant can’t do everything for you. Google fails him over and over and he’s left to try one more trick. But we won’t give that away.

We hear Bennett sing “Cold, Cold Heart,” during the 71-second long video, which also features a bunch of other lovebirds smiling away on Cupid’s favorite day.

Google has become famous for it’s doodle’s to celebrate holidays, birthdays and some historical events.

The doodle has also paid tribute to actress Lucille Ball, guitarist Les Paul, sculptor Constantin Brancusi, and jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie, among others.