Jack White ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performance (Video)

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Picture 14Jack White took to the ‘SNL’ stage this past weekend to help out Lindsay Lohan during her ‘comeback’ appearance.

Lohan was making her fourth appearance on the hit NBC show but failed to impress the public with her performance, staying mostly in supporting roles the entire night and seemed to be reading off cue cards at some points.

It wasn’t all bad for Lohan, she did however collect some laughs for a segment called “The Real Housewives Of Disney” in which she played Rapunzel and held a castle-warming party.

Check out Lindsay Lohan’s performance

While her performances didn’t totally win over the audience, which was clear on Twitter where users shared their disappointment, the musical guest impressed.

Jack White of the former band, The White Stripes made his solo debut Saturday night. White was introduced by Lohan and performed  “Sixteen Saltines,” as well as “Love Interruption” which came as a duet with Ruby Amanfu. More impressive, was the fact that White brought along two backing groups.

The two songs come from his fourth album, “Blunderbuss,” his debut solo album which is set to be released April 24— “Love Interruption” has been gaining popularity since being released as his first single off of his debut solo album back in January.

The 36-year-old is best known for his work in the band, The White Stripes which disbanded in February 2011. He went on to become a member of The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather and became recognized as a great guitarist, being ranked #70 on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.”

Check it out. What do you think of his performances?