Katy Perry Ni**as In Paris Performance (Video)

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Picture 43What’s going on with Katy Perry? Divorced, blue hair and now, rapping?

Guess Katy Perry need to mix it up a little. She escaped from her usual lineup to perform one of Jay-z and Kanye West’s hit songs “Ni**as In Paris.”

Even though it was a surprise performance she tweeted before the show, “ISH is gonna get CRAY on BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge starting @ 10am w/ @fearnecotton! Gonna show u a different side…I start singing @ 12!”

At the show Perry warned, “This is about to get real embarrassing,” as she slipped on a Yankees cap and began her performance.

“Ball so hard mother F’s wanna fine meh,” Perry later tweeted. Hm, new persona maybe?

Her cover of the song has gotten mixed reviews from fans. While some people loved the performance, others hated it. There’s no reason for anyone to get too upset over the performance either way, Perry probably isn’t going to be switching over to rap music any time soon.

But considering Perry is best known for belted our lyrics like in the songs “Firework”and “Part of Me,” she definitely did not make a fool of herself with the “Ni** as In Paris” cover. Though she said that the performance might get “embarrassing,” she seemed pretty comfortable rapping on the stage.

Though we’re not sure that her Yankees baseball cap matched the rest of her get up.

She seemed to really enjoy herself because after the show was over she posted the tweet, “That was so fun. Can we do it again soon? #radio1livelounge#livinglive.”

Following the performance MTV chimed in, tweeting, “Does @KatyPerry do it better than Jay-Z & @KanyeWest?”

Check it out, do you think Katy Perry has what it takes to start a rapping career?