Jason Biggs Gets Naked In Newsroom, Mocks Jason Russell

Picture 18

Picture 18Jason Biggs, the star of “American Pie” went into character this week but it wasn’t Jim. Instead it was the man behind KONY 2012, Jason Russell.

Biggs took off his clothes in a Chicago newsroom and ran around naked like that of Russell who in previous days was caught running around naked on a California street.

It was right before Biggs and Seann William Scott were set to sit down for an interview for WGN-TV Morning News, reported TMZ, to promote their new movie “American Reunion.”

Cameras caught the incident and a video of it went viral shortly after giving Biggs and “American Reunion” even more publicity.

Check out the video

Last week, Jason Russell, the co-founder for Invisible Children, a group that has been working hard to put LRA leader Joseph Kony behind bars was reportedly arrested for allegedly being drunk and masturbating in public.

According to reports, at around 11:30 a.m., San Diego police were called and found Russell running around in his underwear in the city’s Pacific Beach neighborhood.

Later TMZ caught the action on camera and posted it. Russell, 33, can be seen dancing around an intersection and cursing.

Following the incident, he was reportedly arrested and hospitalized. And right now according to the celebrity news website, Russell is in the hospital for “reactive psychosis.”

Friends and family claimed Russell acted out due to extreme exhaustion and dehydration.

Russell is best known for a recent viral video called Kony 2012. The video was released earlier this March in which Russell narrates and shares the name and story of Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army who has allegedly forced children into being soldiers and sex slaves.