Rihanna Answers Ashton Kutcher Relationship Question (Video)

Rihanna/ Associated Press
Rihanna/ Associated Press

The rumor mill began to buzzing quite loudly after reports began to circulate that pop-star Rihanna and actor Ashton Kutcher were dating. In a video that was taken at a press conference, which now has over 200,000 views, the singer took it upon herself to squash reports suggesting that the two may be dating.

According to US Weekly, an insider inferred that the two celebs were hooking up after RiRi visited Kutcher’s place at midnight on March 20 “and then stayed up for three hours.”

So during the press conference in London for her new movie Battleship, a reporter asked the singer a lengthy question to find out if the rumors had any validity to them.

If we’re being nice, let’s just say RiRi wasn’t too fond of being asked about a rumor while she was trying to promote her new movie.

“Will we be seeing a certain Ashton Kutcher, perhaps, making a trip over here?” the eager reporter asked.

“Wow, how disappointing was that question,” Rihanna told the reporter, as she shook her head and rolled her eyes. “I’m happy and I’m single, if that’s what you’re really asking.”

That should clear up all the rumors swirling around the “We Found Love” singer, no? Probably not.

If pictures had not been taken of  Rihanna dressed in denim shorts and pink polka dot heels, as she walked away from photographer from Kutchers pad, we might believe her. However, unless those photos were flubbed, she might be having a little fling with Mr. “Dude Where’s My Car.”

The singer must be growing frustrated with people diving into her personal life since she has also been linked to her ex Chris Brown.

Kutcher split up with his wife Demi Moore last November, after rumors circulated that the actor was sleeping around with other women.

Do you think RiRi is doing the naughty with Ashton?