Instagram Available For Android

5 ProfileInstagram was launched back in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and it quickly became a favorite among techies.

The only problem was that it has excluded the world of Android users.

“Launching on a single platform allowed us to focus on the product and the user experience. It’s given us the ability to stay small and nimble, and we’ve been able to respond quickly to user feedback,” reads Instagram.com.

Well Instagram was getting a whole lot of feedback and it wasn’t just from the over 30 million users. Instead it was Android users urging the company for an Android version.

This week, Android users rejoice: the fast, fun way to share your life through a series of pictures uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is now available to all. Today, Instagram has just become available for Android.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to make this new Android app a first-class mobile photos experience,” reads Instagram.com. “We’ve been meticulous about translating the Instagram experience to the Android platform, and we’re excited to finally be sharing Instagram for Android with the rest of the world.”

The addition of an Android-compatible Instagram proved super popular, Instagram had over 430,000 people waiting for its arrival and that was only the waiting list.

Instagram for Android can be run on any camera phone with Android 2.2 or above with support for OpenGL ES 2. Unfortunately, Instagram is still excluding. It cannot be run on tablet devices at this time.