Cimorelli Cover Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ For Paralyzed Friend (Video)

(Credit: YouTube)
(Credit: YouTube)

A group of girls from Cimorelli cover Kelly Clarkson’s stronger to help their friend who was seriously injured in a car accident.

The video starts out by one of the girls saying, “If you think about it, one moment can change your life forever. This is Maria”

Maria is described as being “a healthy and average teenager.” The girls are clearly effected by her car accident because in the beginning of the year she was an average girl who blended in with the rest of the high school students, yet now she is confined to a wheelchair.

Being paralyzed from the waist down would be hard for anyone to handle, and Maria is someone who used to enjoy cheerleading and doing whatever she could to help others, however after the car accident on Feb 13 2012 her life drastically changed.

The driver of the car was killed and Maria has been left with a serious spinal injury which she may never recover from. As a result, she can no longer be a part of the cheerleading squad and must attend endless physical therapy and hospital visits.

Although she is getting stronger, Maria needs help with her medical and therapy bills are growing and she and her family need help to pay them.

“Together we can all help Maria become strong again.”

Normally high school girls are preoccupied with hairspray and gossip, but these girls want to make a change that will help their friend. If you were moved by the video and would like to send a donation you can send it to:

Maria Gast
C/O Safe Credit Union
Account #644160-10
P.O. Box 1057
North Highlands CA 95660-1057

The Cimorelli girls dedicate the cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” to their friend Maria and to anyone with a spinal cord injury.