Daytime Fireball In Texas (Video)

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Photo via YouTube
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Photo via YouTube

On April 4, Texans looked up to find a fireball jetting across the sky.

For those who aren’t meteor savvy, it’s spring fireball season, though scientists don’t know why exactly there are more meteors in the spring season.

Folks in Texas were treated to quite the sky show early April when they looked up to find a blazing trail of smoke and fire.

And for Texans who saw the fireball, thought they had caught a glimpse of the rare sight. The bright object was reported to be indeed an extra bright meteor.

A NASA employee also said it looked to be a meteor burning up as it entered Earth’s atmosphere.

The event was captured on camera and has hit YouTube in recent days, proving to be quite popular among folks across the globe. Since hitting the Internet, it’s had over 500,000 views.

Yes, we too feel like we’re in an episode of “Game Of Thrones” and have caught a sign of the dragons return.

But sadly later, the truth was revealed and all those who had checked off “See a meteor” on their bucket lists were disappointed to find out that it was no meteor, instead a jet and its contrail.

NASA confirmed what was originally believed to be a meteor was actually a flying jet and its contrail. The Jet contrail was reflecting the glow of the sun making it appear fiery. The NASA employee who first said it was a meteor later agreed that it was indeed a contrail.

Check it out.