Tupac at Coachella: Tupac Hologram Performs With Snoop Dogg (Video)

Tupac Hologram
(Credit: YouTube
Tupac Hologram
(Credit: YouTube

It’s been a major rumor that Tupac is actually still alive, but on Sunday at Coachella 2012 Tupac showed up to perform, as a hologram.

Tupac amazingly joined Snoop Dogg on the stage to perform “Hail Mary” and “Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

The deceased rapper sent the crowd into a frenzy, but he wasn’t the only performer to ignite excitement in the audience. There was surprise performances from Tony Yayo to Warren G and Kurupt to 50 Cent, who sang his hit “In Da Club.” Wiz Khalifa also made a surprise appearance, entering the stage with a monster joint, to perform his smash radio hit with Snoop, “Young, Wild & Free.” But that wasn’t the only duet of the night, Eminem and Dre teamed up for “Forgot About Dre,” “I Need a Doctor” and then Em sang “Till I Collapse” on his own.

But Tupac’s performance was easily the biggest surprise of the night. Twitter went crazy when hundreds of people who attended Coachella, along with the thousands who were watching the live feed on YouTube, tweeted in a mix of astonishment and disbelief.

The Hollywood Reporter shared some of the public’s tweets: “i can’t even begin to imagine what this Tupac hologram is doing to all the people at Coachella that have been on acid for 3 days straight,” wrote @JordanETID.

@KirillWasHere tweeted: “Next year Coachella should just have a HOLOGRAM TENT featuring all the acts that we wish we got to see live…”

@Swagstro added: “I wonder how many rappers retired from seeing the Tupac hologram on COACHELLA.”

But not everyone was impressed, some found it odd. “Was completely freaked out by the Tupac hologram and I’m fairly certain I was one of five people out of 100,000 not on drugs,” tweeted @molly_knight.

It didn’t take long for Tupac, Pac, hologram and “Hail Mary” to begin to trend on Twitter along with #snoopndre and Coachella.

Take a look at the performance below.