‘Don’t Be That Guy at the Gym’ Video Goes Viral

Don’t Be That Guy
(Credit: YouTube)
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(Credit: YouTube)

If you’ve ever gone to a gym, even semi-regularly, you have probably noticed that some people who you see developed “traits” that are associated with gym going.

The guys responsible for the viral YouTube video, which has over 850,000 views, points out the “Annoying Gym Guys.”

“The Noob” is up first with his purple swish outfit, he struggles to do all the machines and makes loads of funny faces.

Next up the “The Meathead.” He enters the gym with his protein shake and shaking his head at one of the other noobs. He has tribal tattoos, which look fake, grunts and throws the weights on the ground even though the sign in the back clearly states not to.

Quite possibly more annoying than “The Meathead” is “The Coach.” He starts out by saying going up to “The Meathead” and saying, “You really gotta bring that bar all the way down to your chest. If you cheat you only cheat yourself.” He says to one person who didn’t clean,  “I don’t want ring worm and I don’t think you do either.” Tries to coach another gym goer on breathing. He also criticizes “The Meathead’s” diet, “Dude I think you’re big but you’re a little *raspberries.*”

Next the guys point out the different faces people make like the: double chin, pucker up, blowfish and seizure.

Lastly the guys poke fun at “The Showoff.” We don’t think it’s a coincidence that they put him last in the lineup. While all the others are doing push-ups “The Showoff” does them upside-down. He purposely speeds down the track, does random back-flips and plays racket ball overly aggressive.

“The Coach” tries to correct the guys on their regulation swing before he is hit in the head with the ball and the video ends with “Don’t be that guy.”

So fellas and ladies, when you’re at the gym be conscious of the obnoxious things you. Oh yeah, and thanks to those who inspired Dontbethatguyvids!

If you haven’t seen it, check out the video here!