National Pretzel Day: Free Pretzel

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National Pretzel Day spokesperson, Damian McGinty of "GLEE"celebrates by handing out pretzels. (Photo via Pretzelmaker's Facebook)

How do you like it? Thin or thick, salty, soft, or twisted? Today is National Pretzel Day and that means celebrating with one of the oldest snack in the world any way you like.

According to Punch Bowl, pretzels have been around for centuries since Catholic monks used leftover dough to create the famous knot to symbolize the Holy Trinity.

“During the 17th century, pretzels symbolized the bond of marriage,” reports the website. “This is where the phrase ‘tying the knot’ originated!”

Today they’re less of a religious symbol and more of a classic treat found at sporting events, malls and festivals.

Over the years, the snacks have become a favorite among Americans, including former Congressman Robert S. Walker, who is rumored to be the founder of National Pretzel Day. The day was reportedly founded in 1983, when he reportedly said that his favorite food deserved a holiday.

What’s even more exciting is scoring a free pretzel for the day. In honor of the exciting day, Pretzelmaker is offering patrons a free treat.

“Today is the big day pretzel fans – it’s National Pretzel Day!! Visit a participating Pretzelmaker location and show us whatchya got! Sing, dance, and celebrate with a free pretzel,” reads a Pretzelmaker Facebook Post.

Grab your free pretzel at any of the Pretzelmaker Long Island locations including at South Shore Mall in Bay Shore, Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, Broadway Mall in Hicksville, Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station, and Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream.

For those into more natural snacks, you can opt for H.K. Anderson’s All-Natural Pretzels. Last year on National Pretzel Day, H.K. Anderson Pretzel committed to use only all-natural ingredients in its popular pretzel snack line.