Nelly Furtado “Big Hoops” (Video)

Picture 17

Picture 171Nelly Furtado has just released her new video for “Big Hoops,” proving bigger is definitely better.

“The bigger the better, the bigger the better,” sings Furtado in the new video while flaunting massive earrings.

The video follows the confident Canadian as she dances in a slew of different outfits flaunting large earrings. She’s also seen in the video dancing with Native American’s who are dancing through hoops.

One of the most entertaining scenes in the new video includes Furtado walking through the streets on stilts as bystanders stop and stare.

The video went viral Monday on VEVO. It was filmed on April 5 in Los Angeles, California and was directed by Little X, of “Promiscuous.”

The song comes as the lead single from her first album in six years “The Spirit Indestructible,” her fifth album. The album is set to be released in summer 2012. “Big Hoops,” which was first released April 17 after being previewed on YouTube April 9, is a pop song that takes on a hip hop feel.

“Tonight is the jam, I’ll be there till dawn, I’m going down, I’ve got my big hoops on, pant leg so wide, I’ve got my backpack on, I’m gonna hear my favorite song,” she sings in “Big Hoops.” “Hey hey hey, what’s the scenario? The boy keeps passing me by, I said no diggity, no doubt, I thought I told you I was fly, yeah he and all of his friends they got that hair like high five.”

Check it out. What do you think of it?