Tony Lucca “99 Problems” (Video)

Picture 8

Picture 8Contestant of The Voice, Tony Lucca took to the stage this past week to perform Jay-Z’s hit song “99 Problems.”

Lucca performed the rap hit in his own style, slowing it down and adding a rocker vibe to it. The unique rendition of the song, that was first featured on rapper Jay-Z’s 2004 The Black Album and reached 30 on the Billboard Hot 100, proved had the audience up from their seats and dancing.

The judges liked Lucca’s version of the song, too, though one judge thought it was a controversial pick. After the original song was released, its meaning and chorus were widely debated, though the rapper later explained in his book, Decoded, that it was written after he was pulled over in 1994 by police who insisted they search his car but he refused. The police only let him go after police dogs failed to show up to sniff his car for drugs.

Judge Blake Sheton took a liking to the song.

“That was a lot of fun,” he said after jokingly asking “What ain’t one?” The judge was quite impressed with Lucca’s rendition, adding “What a really cool version of that song.”

Another judge seemed equally impressed. Cee Lo Green shouted Lucca’s name in celebration before noting “I thought it was hard, I liked it.”

While all of the judges seemed to like Lucca’s performance, the one judge had a problem with it was Christina Aguilera.

“That sounded great,” she said before expressing her disagreement with his song choice. “You’re beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight,” she said before noting, “I just thought the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory toward women.”

Judge Adam Levine didn’t take to kindly to Chrstina’s words. He explained that the song was about life getting at you, “we’re not referring to women we’re referring to everything” he said before Christina cut in and a tiff between the two ensued.

Levine, who has clearly not been a big fan of Christina all season, ripped off his shirt after the two stopped arguing to reveal another shirt that read “Team Xtina” on it. The audience erupted into laughter and a seemingly angry Christina hopped up from her chair and applauded.

While the performance was well taken by the audience, the judges’ performance was even more popular and a video of the performance and argument between Levine and Aguiler went viral May 7.

Since going viral Monday, already over 7,000 people have viewed it. Check it out.