Child Falls from Moving Car (Video)

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Picture 63A shocking new video has gone viral this week showing a young child falling from a moving car. The video is a scary reminder of the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

The video went viral earlier this week showing a child falling out of the front door of van. The van was making a left turn in the middle of an intersection in Wenzhou city, China when the girl slipped out of the door and onto the street.

The child, who was later reported to be a 4-year-old girl, fell to the ground and tumbled backward. The dangerous fall left witnesses in shock but the next moment was even more jaw-dropping. The girl appears to have just missed being crushed by the back wheel of the car moments after flying out of the driver’s door.

She then managed to cheat death a second  time during the incident. The girl was almost hit by a taxi following closely behind the van she fell from. Luckily, the taxi spotted her in the road and stopped the car just in time.

Finally, the girl was rescued from the middle of the dangerous intersection by her dad who jumped from the moving van he was driving. He scooped her up from the ground and quickly ran from the roadway.

The frightening footage was captured on a traffic camera in China and later broadcast by CCTV.  The man later explained that his daughter crawled into the front seat of the car from the back and opened the door while driving, CCTV reported.

While the daughter and her dad appear to have escaped unharmed, it hasn’t been confirmed if the girl suffered any injuries. The van the man was driving hit a nearby tree on a sidewalk.

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